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Since december 2015
S.M.S.L SA-98E

S.M.S.L SA-98E

Description :
SA-98 is based on ST Microelectronics TDA7498 core, use of EPCOS,PHILIPS,ALPS,EVOX,DALE,ERO refined accessories such as high fever, high quality digital amplifier, all its accessories to stick with original product. Technical Specifications:Output power: (DC 32V)100 W / 4ohm. THD = 10%.80 W / 6ohm. THD = 10%.65 W / 8ohm. THD = 10%.Input Level: 400mv to 2VChip efficiency: 90%

Machine configuration:
1 x SA-98E
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Manual

SEK 1,565SEK 1,625

YJ HiFi  TPA3116 2.1
- Adopting original TPA3116 and CSR4 .0 bluetooth module
SEK 959SEK 1,066
This S.M.S.L high grade amplifier has advanced aluminum surface, plus sand-blast, wiredrawing,...
SEK 819SEK 895
SMSL MINI5 TDA7492 50W*2 Digital Power Amplifier+Headphone AMP Hollow inductance.
SEK 1,139SEK 1,359
S.M.S.L A2
SMSL A2 is a digital amplifier which 40W * 2 with stereo and can meet most of user demand, and A2...
SEK 1,354